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  • Disabled person looknig to be saved and be apart of their church witout having to be medicate.

    Dear Lord Jesus, For give me for complaining because I do not like it where I am living, though it appears to be a nice place you can only seem to make it here if you are in the right social clicks and I hate clicks, they are stuck up, and conceded. Lord, prepare me to be able to fellowship where I am not reminded that I have a problem, that I have a disability, that I have brain damage, and am to forgetful because of it, for this is degrading, and I have had to live with my brain damage my whole life state in my medical report, and being reminded that people do not trust me does not make it go away or make it better, a specially with the time of trouble up on us as Christians. For if the people who k know me can not be my friend and fellowship in the Lord without having to know what my fears are they do not need to be my friend.A, for it is hard to like a church that you can not successfully take part in despite being disabled., amen!

    • 11:05 pm - August 22, 2017

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